One of millions, sent in by reader / photographer John Herr:

 I didn’t think Jake Hanna was susceptible to death.   He was too large a personality.   I remember at the Atlanta Jazz Party a few years ago, when Bob Wilber was leading a set, the soprano saxophonist turned to Hanna for a solo, and Jake exclaimed, “I just took one.   Pay attention!” and went on with his time-keeping. 

He’ll rock the boat when they row him across to the other side.

AND this just in — for a great story of two JH’s — Jake and Jim Hall — visit Devra Hall Levy’s excellent jazz blog, DEVRADOWRITE: http://www.devradowrite.com/?p=623

3 responses to “A JAKE HANNA STORY

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  3. Thanks for the nice comments about my uncle Jake. He certainly was “one of a kind.”

    I’m compiling Jake stories, memories, pictures, etc. into a collection that will serve as a record of his wonderful life and career.

    Anyone who would like to share something, please send to me at maria@mariajudge.com.


    Maria (Jake’s niece)

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