After a good deal of affectionate nudging from the Beloved, whose instincts are very fine, I began this blog on February 21, 2008 with a posting about the upcoming Jazz at Chautauqua. 

Today JAZZ LIVES celebrates its second birthday and it has become an addiction, an obsession, and a thorough pleasure in ways I could not have predicted. 

In those two years, the blog has gotten over 150,000 hits.  I am very proud of this number, but my pride and delight is not about me as much as it is about my heroes.  I now know, even more than before, that there are many more people I may never meet in person who share my passion for Frank Newton and Sidney Catlett, for Eddie Condon and live jazz videos from New York City, Chautauqua, and Whitley Bay.  When I check my blog in the morning, as I do, and see that people have come to JAZZ LIVES because they’ve been looking for information about Kaiser Marshall, Jon-Erik Kellso, Hal Smith, Kevin Dorn, or Melissa Collard, I am excited.  People who love this music often feel cut off from it by the modern world with its own relentless thrum; JAZZ LIVES has reminded me every day that I am surrounded by like-minded, appreciative men and women. 

No one’s accosted me on the street, and I don’t expect that it will happen, but I was thrilled when someone approached me at Chartwell Booksellers last December (I had a video camera at the ready) and said, “Hey, are you that blogger Jazz Lives?  I commented on your blog!” or words to that effect.  And I could say back to him, after hearing his name, “Yes!  I remember you!”   

JAZZ LIVES has given me a huge affectionate community — friends from ten miles away, from South Korea, Australia, and Istanbul.  I have been fortunate in being able to reconnect with people I knew in 1974.  And I am continually reminded of the global nature of the Hot jazz community.  Case in point: today I was sitting in a house in Sedona, Arizona, posting YouTube videos recorded ten years ago in Sweden, shared by a Swedish collector.  I did not know two of the song titles.  A new blog-pal from Canada and an established cyber-scholar from Australia told me what I didn’t know, in the sweetest and most encouraging way.  That’s a marvelous testimony to the powerful, loving energies this music summons up, isn’t it?

I look forward to much more fun in 2010: more postings, more discoveries, more videos . . . more, more, more! 

And my readers and viewers and commenters are the wonderful stimulus, an enthusiastic, sympathetic readership.  

THANKS A MILLION! to all of you —

Michael Steinman

14 responses to “THANKS A MILLION!

  1. dakotayellowred

    My compliments Jazz Lives and Thank
    you for the fantastic blog

  2. Is not you which must thank us. Is we which must thank you!

  3. MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY from your English cousins and all those from the Chatham ( Kent) Jazz Record Society who regularly check on your latest blogs.

    I will play the recent posting of Candlelights by the NY All Stars Bern 93 and give them a symbolic blow.

  4. I think Boris speaks for all of us.

  5. Angry Jazz Purist

    Give us more, goddammit.

  6. Dear Michael,
    It is now just over a week that I receive all your “jazz lives” messages and excellent videos.
    I started on youtube in 2006, I was then one of the few but got bothered by the legal end of the companies running jazz films
    ( especially in the US)
    I build up a site with close to a thousand entrees….. and it just got cancelled…thrown off with all my entrees….
    I started again under a different name….again my site got cancelled after a few months.
    Fortunately I also started on the Paris based site “Daily Motion”. I still have all my entrees there.
    That site is much smaller and has less expossure. Now it appears that Youtube has become much easier. I had some individual entrees cancelled because of copyright issues ( quite often entrees that were recorded in the thirties and one would expect them to be public domain)
    You’ve set up your site in a different manner and hopefully the US legal profession won’t bother you.
    Where do you live?
    I played cornet out of Toronto in Canada’s Climax Jazz Band for 25 years between 1971 and 1996 . Now I live in BC and my phone no. is 205 768 1319 Give me a call when you can make some time.
    Take care,
    Bob Erwig

  7. Happy anniversary, fellow blogger! This is still my favorite site in existence (it’s possible that half of your 150,000 hits have come from me frequently reloading the page in case something new pops up). Just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t change a thing.

    Your faithful fan and friend,


    P.S. Though as great a title as “Jazz Lives” is, I still think you should use what Pops wrote at the beginning of one of his typed jokes: “Dig This Shit (It’ll Killya)”!

  8. Keep up the good work, Michael! This site has lead me to many new and exciting discoveries (and a dented bank balance). All the best from the antipodes!


  9. Keep up the good work, my man! Congrat’s.

  10. Congratulations, Michael, and well done.

  11. Thanks for a great blog and your leads to many others of interest.
    ‘We Dig It The Most’

  12. Manny happy returns from Madrid, Michael. Keep up the good work!

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  14. dakotayellowred

    Thank you Jazz Lives!

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