This song, originally recorded in 1926 by “Lil’s Hot Shots” — a transparent pseudonym for the Louis Armstrong Hot Five, under contract to OKeh — nominally led by Lil Hardin Armstrong for Vocalion — is a fairly simple blues. 

Jesse’s Jazz Band, led by trombonist Jens “Jesse” Lindgren, is seen here at the 1999 Akersunds Jazz Festival in Sweden.  I knew in a minute that the Hot cornetist was my hero Bent Persson, but don’t know the name of the other sterling players: the clarinetist who has Dodds down, nimbly; the drummer accenting the rhythm on the rim of his bass drum, the steady banjoist and drummer.  If someone knows their names, please let us all know!  This video was posted on YouTube by “jazze1947,” and we thank him, as well as the players!

And perhaps Stephen Calt (author / compiler of BARRELHOUSE WORDS) will tell us if the “Georgia Bo Bo” was a euphemism, as was the “Georgia Grind.”  Inquiring minds want to know!


7 responses to ““GEORGIA BO BO”

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  2. Bill Lowden (Jazzbobill)

    One of my favourite Hot Five Tunes. Nicely played by Bent, Jesse and the rest of the guys. Sorry I don’t recognise the clarinet player. As you say, just like Dodds. Bent, my hero too, plays it just like Louis and that’s OK because I can never get enough of that sound. It always sounds fresh to me. Nice one Michael!!

  3. Dear Michael,
    As Louis’ lyrics on Lil’s Hot Shots version imply, “Georgia Bo-Bo (Waller -Trent) was a dance movement (a grind). It is referred to in the lyrics of Perry Bradford’s 1911 dance-song “Rules and Regulations” on page 106 of Marshall and Jean Stearns 1964 book, ‘Jazz Dance’.
    Likewise, I believe, “Georgia Grind” (Spencer Williams) by Louis’ Hot Five from 26 Feb 1926 was also a dance routine.
    Kind regards,

  4. Of course, Bill — but I just finished reading Stephen Calt’s BARRELHOUSE WORDS where he says that “the Georgia Grind” was a euphemism for sex. I wonder what the “GG” looked like on the dance floor, don’t you? Cheers, Michael

  5. Dear Michael,
    Based on discography and a CD given to me by Jens ‘Jesse’ Lindgren, following a visit to Australia, could the ‘unknowns’ be drawn from Jesse’s New Orleans Jazz Band?
    Bengt “Bomull” Behmer (cl) Goran Stachewsky (bj) Tomas Ekstrom (sb) and Ulf Gripenholm (d).
    Very kind regards,

  6. Your guess, as they say, Bill, is far better than mine . . . I am willing to entertain any hypotheses, and basing yours on this evidence trumps any guesses I might make. Cheers! Michael

  7. Dear Michael,
    To answer your reply “I wonder what the “GG” looked like on the dance floor, don’t you?”
    I certainly do!
    The Stearns, in their book ‘Jazz Dance’ (page 24) say: “The Funky Butt, Squat, Grind, Fishtail, and Mooche -needless to say – are all performed with hip movements.”
    Mr Calt is also right, of course. Refer ‘The Cassell Dictionary of Slang. 1998’.
    However, Robert S Gold (1975 ‘Jazz Talk’ does make specific references to the dance origins of the word “grind”.
    Kind regards,

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