I love this song — from 1932 by Irving Berlin — with its innate optimism, and I am very fond of this heartfelt performance by the Jazz Tuber Trio (yes, you read that right): Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals); Eli Newberger (tuba), Ted Casher (clarinet) — posted on that cornucopia of delights, YouTube:

And, yes, everything will be better by the time you finish the coffee and pie.  Of course, a French press, good coffee, and real pie are essentials.  I’m not sure that McDonald’s apple pie and coffee in styrofoam will have the same salutary effect, but maybe it’s the spirit of the thing rather than the actual substance.   And, yes, Alan Greenspan is no longer in charge of things — but he did start out loosely connected to jazz, so perhaps he deserves mention here.

Wishing you all optimistic outcomes right now and in the future!

4 responses to “GOOD TO THE LAST DROP!

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  2. Hi Michael, Good to hear a tune from Jimmy on Jazz Lives. He was an usher at my wedding in 1974 and I was an usher at his 1st wedding in the year — I don’t remember. Coincidentally, I am working with him tomorrow night and Tuesday night. I imagine we will perform this tune. I’m not familiar with it but it’s very simplistic both melodically and harmonically so we will have some fun with it. Best regards, Lee

  3. Carrie Mazzy

    Thanks for the nice bit. It’s great to know that this wonderful music is still getting out there thanks to folks like you. We heard about you from Lee and from Eli.

  4. Delighted to have the Mazzy clan on board! All thanks to Eli, you know. Cheers, Michael

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