“Chicago style” is such a misnomer, because only a handful of musicians associated with it were born or worked in that city.  But it is a particular style to cherish — with certain little conventions (flares and explosions) and marked overall by hot intensity (not expressed in volume or speed but in emotional strength). 

Here are two more examples from Anita Thomas, Kim Cusack (reeds), Carl Sonny Leyland (piano), Katie Cavera (guitar), Clint Baker (bass), Hal Smith (drums) — improvising on two old favorites that deserve to be played often:



Recorded by Rae Ann Berry on March 7, 2010 at Doxieland Monterey.  Of course!

3 responses to “THE INTERNATIONAL SEXTET (Part Two)

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  2. I have a few offerings on YouTube (11)
    you might like to consider posting one or two of those on your site. Blue Blood Blues, & Candy Lips, featuring our two reed players, are outstanding. Several full band numbers to nyou might like (Shanghai Shuffle (a la Henderson Band 1924) & I Want a Little Girl (McKinneys Cotton Pickers 1929) are amongst the bunch.
    Have a look and see under Spencer’s Nighthawks
    You’ll see that we do get the picture over in “lil ole UK”!
    Carl Spencer

  3. Some of the best jazz/dixieland I’ve heard. They are great!!

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