These videos were taken by the multi-talented Jamaica Knauer at Phil Pospychala’s “Tribute to Bix,” the most recent celebration of Bix Beiderbecke’s life and art.  Cornetist Andy Schumm and his Gang — that’s Dave Bock (trombone), John Otto (reeds), Leah Bezin (banjo / guitar), David Boeddinghaus (piano), Vince Giordano (bass sax, string bass, tuba, vocals), and Josh Duffee (drums) performed a number of selections either recorded by Bix or evoking him.  Appropriately, the music was played on Bix’s birthday — at the Bavarian Inn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

There are perhaps unintentional thematic connections here, easy to find.

MY GAL SAL (written by Paul Dresser, brother of novelist Theodore Dreiser):

SOMEBODY STOLE MY GAL (was it a pal of Sal or another gal?):

SLOW RIVER (harking back to the Goldkette band):

RIVERBOAT SHUFFLE (for the Wolverines and the 1927 recording with Frank Trumbauer):

Finally, because it’s Thursday, here’s the very antidote to Blue Monday, a cheerful FROM MONDAY ON:

Anyone who’s paying attention won’t need me to point to the special pleasures — the ringing playing of the front line, relaxed and hot; the rocking rhythm section, and the wonderfully steady tempos — but these performances will please over and over.  This band knows the records and the idiom inside-out but no one feels compelled to copy the famous solos.  And the smile on Josh Duffee’s face sums it all up for me.

3 responses to “BIX FEST 2010: GALS and RIVERS and MONDAY

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  2. So nice to see and hear kindred spirits, and as young as we were in our first guise back in ’65!
    Vince borrowed by first reed player’s (Brian Hills) bass sax when he was over over here in the UK a year or so ago.
    We have 4 or so Bix dedicated tracks on our current 5 album (122 tracks!) CD release, and several other tracks we ( I suppose that means I!) played in strong Bixian
    style. We cover a very large spectrum of styles, made possible because we are an 8 piece with quite a lot of guys doubling. Would like to e.mail you a track or two of our Bix numbers.You can see us on YouTube but its McMKinneys, Luis Russells, Henderson , Oliver’s Dixie Syncs mainly for the full band, but some nice cameo two clarinet numbers (Blue Blood Blues and Candy Lips) Is there an e.mail I can mail to.
    I can send I Need Some Pettin and Susie as a 6 piece, Borneo & Goose Pimples as an 8 piece. The latter two with bass sax, the first two with Tuba. Realy nice to have clocked onto Jazz Lives. Let us show you it lives here in the UK too.
    Really liked Andy’s band, quality players understanding what they are doing
    Best regards
    Carl Spencer. Spencer’s Nighthawks Orch

  3. Great music and in particular from two fanatics of Bix – Andy and David Boeddinghaus. I could spend all night listening to their solos alone. Sadly, David has not been to the UK to the best of my knowledge but is a mainstay of Bix’s music in New Orleans. I don’t know of any Bix tune he does not know or will play.

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