MORE FROM THE CARDS! (Feb. 27, 2010)

Thanks to Paul Wegener, Jake Sanders, Tamar Korn,Gordon Au, Debbie Kennedy, Marcus Milius, and Dennis Lichtman.

Here’s a romp on that 1929 tongue-twister by Walter Donaldson, ‘T’AIN’T NO SIN:

And an energetic excursion through James P. Johnson’s OLD-FASHIONED LOVE, one of those songs that sits well at a number of tempos:

Finally, a poignant reading of BODY AND SOUL, with sorrowful work by Marcus and Tamar:

More to come!

3 responses to “MORE FROM THE CARDS! (Feb. 27, 2010)

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  2. If you missed their gig last night at the Shambhala Center. No worries, so did they. I went without knowing they had cancelled it. Very nice Pan Asian Jazz Ensemble performance instead was some consolation

  3. Nancie Beaven

    Thank you again, love those Cards….blows my mind you can do this from Napa,but then, I’m tech impaired…just happy you ARE NOT

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