What instrument does Steve Sando play?

I don’t know if Steve is a secret hot pianist, but I do know that he’s responsible for the most tasty heirloom beans on the planet — ones the Beloved and I ate last night.  Steve (whose music library starts at five thousand CDs, a man after my own heart) is the Man In Charge of Rancho Gordo, from which delicious beans and grains come.  (His site is  And Steve also adores singers, both well-known and obscure: last night we spoke of Jack Teagarden, Fats Waller, and Alice Faye. 

So these two pieces of paper are in honor of our pal and provider of good things Steve Sando:

That’s Annette Hanshaw!

And Connee Boswell in 1966.  Just remember, jazz fans, it is just as easy to have something delicious to eat as it is to dine on something unsatisfying.  (An unsolicited testimonial from a deeply satisfied consumer.)

7 responses to “THIS ONE’S FOR STEVE SANDO

  1. Bill Gallagher

    Rancho gordo translates to Rancho Fats. I like it.

  2. To Michael and The Beloved. What a great find- this Beanery in Napa Valley (not Mountain) Greenery. I dug the Rancho website! You always were one to sniff out the best of the best- Conflatulations good buddy! No more canned stuff… goodby Bush’s… ordering my Rancho’s today. Thanks MS!/Best, mb

  3. Those beans are SO good — you’ll howl with pleasure, rhythmically, that is. Goodbye to the cans indeed! Cheers, Michael

  4. I could dine on Annette Hanshaw any day!
    A most delicious dish.

  5. Bill Gallagher

    Given the delicacy of the subject matter, lets hope that Marty Grosz doesn’t get a hold of this string and compose a tune featuring a pair of trombones.

  6. Yes . . . .with accompaniment in the bass clef in whole notes! I can hear it now: MUSIC FOR AN OPENED WINDOW.


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