“CRAZY RHYTHM” AT THE EAR INN (April 11, 2010)

One bright shining moment — that went on at a high level for nearly nine minutes last Sunday, April 11, 2010, at The Ear Inn.

The Ear Regulars that night were guitarist Matt Munisteri; bassist Pat O’Leary; trombonist John Allred; tenor saxophonist Harry Allen, whizzing through a fast CRAZY RHYTHM — a pop hit of perhaps 1927, made lively again in the next century.  (Catch the hilarious reference to SONNY BOY almost at the end.)  Great soloing, great ensemble playing: hot jazz, caught live!

3 responses to ““CRAZY RHYTHM” AT THE EAR INN (April 11, 2010)

  1. Superb recording sound & camera work! All masters of thgeir hons! Anybody know the name of the japanese tenor man? Or whether this chart is the same one that he recorded in Paris in 1937 with Hawkins & Django? I tried to get him to talk about it in 1987 when he was in NY to record his “Central City Sketches” with John Lewis & the AJO, but he said that he wasn’t interested in the past – only the future! Too bad, from a Jazz History point-of-view, since he was the only living survivor of that date…& that was 50 years after the session!

  2. Bill, I assume you mean Benny Carter . . . and the “japanese tenor man” is Harry Allen: I believe he was born in New Jersey with no Asian connections — must be my camera angles. And the “chart,” I think to be entirely ad-lib: years of experience, as you know. The common language of head arrangements!

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