The performance the Cangelosi Cards put on, casually but with great skill, at the Shambhala Meditation Center, stands out as one of the great sustained musical evenings of my life. 

The Cards are delighting audiences in Shanghai, China, as I write this — and here, for those of us who miss them badly (and for those who have not yet experienced them) I present the four songs remaining from that evening.  I’ve been hoarding these videos, but it’s time to open the treasure chest one last time.  The Cards here are Tamar Korn, Jake Sanders, Gordon Au, Dennis Lichtman, Marcus Milius, and Debbie Kennedy:

They began the evening with the song I associate with the Boswell Sisters (and, later, with Marty Grosz) — another song that celebrates love and caffeine (or tea), a good combination — WHEN I TAKE MY SUGAR TO TEA:

Then, that sweet celebration of the love that one has found at last — EXACTLY LIKE YOU.  I read in Mezz Mezzrow’s brightly colored autobiography that the Harlem hep cats who knew the inside story called this tune ‘ZACKLY, which stuck in my mind:

Tamar sat one out — Jelly Roll Morton’s mournful, mysterious WININ’ BOY BLUES (or WINDING BALL BLUES, you pick):

And every jazz performance needs a Fats Waller song to be complete, so here’s the swing masterpiece HONEYSUCKLE ROSE, which we have to remember is more than just a well-known set of chord changes with an intriguing bridge: let’s hear it for Andy Razaf’s sly lyrics:

Jake assured me that the Cards will be coming back to us!

5 responses to “ENCORE! THE CANGELOSI CARDS (2-27-10)

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  2. Hey Michael….Thanks again for these great Card postings….was a great night….can’t wait for “The Return of The Cards”….Jim

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  4. The Candelosi Cards are coming to The Hot Steamed Jazz Festival in Essex, CT at the end of June!

  5. Dear Michael,
    Thanks again! Since I first saw your great jazz-letters I’ve come across a lot of fine musicians I had never heard of.
    And this Tamar Korn is a wonderful singer.
    (If Betty Boop was not a cortoon figure, she might have been family. What a cute litte woman Tamar is!)
    Maybe you never heard of our Sinne Eeg. Here you have her in return:

    The song is an old Danish evergreen, translated (NO! More than that) by the skilled lyricist Lisa Freeman of LA (who also wrote songs for Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen).
    Apart from Randy Brecker on flugelhorn all musicians are Danish. You may know Chris Minh Doky. Maybe you also heard of Jacob Fischer, who is a genius on guitar. He is not on this take, but on all the others on Sinne’s newest disc, called “Remembering You”. It has some more Danish evergreens in translation (NO! Once again, better yet) plus some standards. (Sometimes I wonder why so many singers and musicians take up songs that have been played so well by others. Not all have anything interesting to add. But this girl has – in my opinion.)
    I am sorry this “Moonbeam” was not on video, so I had to find some stills to accompany the song. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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