As of May 2, 2010, $250 or the best offer takes the set — a 1947 JATP program, plus autographs by Doris Day, Les Brown, Ted Nash, Charlie Spivak, Woody Herman, and Dave Tough . . . !

6 responses to “DAVE TOUGH / WOODY HERMAN on eBay

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  2. When I saw the name “Dave Tough,” it brought back so many memories. My mother, Frances (father Frank Melrose, blues and boogie player in the early years in Chicago) told me so many stories of how the local musicians gathered at our house in Hammond, Ind. to jam. She talked about Dave Tough a lot. this is great!! Thank you.

  3. These are real treasures, Michael.

    Although I’m not a very eager collector of such artifacts, I have a small but excellent collection of autographs (mostly on LP’s):

    Clarke Terry, Dave Brubeck, Herb Ellis, Coleman Hawkins & Bill Coleman (on an old LP I have purchased for a bargain), Ella Fitzgerald, even one of Oran ‘Hot Lips’ Page which had been sent to me by a Canadian friend.



  4. Ace record salesman Jeff Atterton turned me on to the boxed set of Woody Herman’s ‘Thundering Herds’ when it was released- God knows when. He wanted me to hear “Davey” as he called him (Dave Tough) on “Apple Honey.” So Michael, here you show us both signatures on the same paper surface (and what beautiful signatures) sending me off on these simple audio and visual tangent/memories… well etched onto a back road of my mind. During the period of time when Red Balaban’s Condon’s was going strong, my favorite drinking stool was just to the right when you came in the door. Brick Fleagle was usually there, Jo Jones on occasion, but one night Woody comes in… looking terrible… sadly I say so. I don’t think anyone recognized him. He was dressed in casual, loose fitting clothes. I had my sketchbook in hand and I drew his portrait from the side as he knocked back quite a few drinks. Before this encounter I read of his life and what a devoted husband he was and how he battled with the booze to stay his marriage. It must have been close to the end of his life because he was deep into it that night. But most important- what a magnificent musical legacy he left for us!

  5. Dave Tough…on my short list, shorter list and shortEST list of favorite drummers/inspirations/musical heroes!

  6. Getting it right- I went to my bookshelves this morning to find out where I had read of Woody Herman, his music, his marriage, his alcoholism… his LIFE. It was Gene Lees’ marvelous book “Leader Of The Band” first published in 1995, Oxford Press, Paperback 1997- which I read in ‘98 here in Bainbridge. So it was AFTER seeing (sketching him) in Condon’s on 54th Street that I read this life story… and that’s when it dawned on me… his beautiful wife Charlotte had died… he was very sick… and undoubtedly that was why he was plumped on a barstool getting blasted. Anyone remember what a lovely introduction he gave Red McKenzie at one of Eddie Condon’s Town Hall Concerts? He actually interrupted Condon to do so. It’s on the vinyl record for posterity. Ding- ding!

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