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I was tempted to title this post CHRIS TYLE STRIKES AGAIN! but held back that impulse, fearing it would make the estimable Mr. Tyle sound like a Thirties bank robber.  But it’s how I feel.  Chris is a wonderful cornetist, drummer, clarinetist . . . a fine homespun singer and obviously a fine bandleader.  Here he is in what I’ve never thought of as the jazz capital of the Pacific Northwest*, playing and singing that Walter Donaldson perennial, IT’S BEEN SO LONG — with a first-rate crew of musicians whose names are mostly new to me:  Craig Flory, clarinet; Dave Loomis, trombone; Dave Brown, string bass; Candace Brown, banjo/guitar; Benji Bohannon, drums:

Yes, the video’s a little informal, but the solos are right on target and the rhythm section knows what to do (catch the fine drumming, even at a distance).  Chris is also a casually erudite jazz scholar, and his website — http://www.tyleman.com. is more than worthwhile.  I hope to have more videos of his bands to share with my viewers in future. 

*But there’s a Bellingham Traditional Jazz Society — and obviously they have good taste in musicians!


. . . creates delightful jazz! 

Here is the Au Brothers Jazz Band, captured at a Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society concert at the Dante Club on January 10, 2010, playing SAN, long associated with Bix Beiderbecke and Paul Whiteman. 

That’s Gordon (in the red shirt) on trumpet, Brandon on trombone, Justin on trumpet.  Their friends are Darrell Fernandez on bass, Jim Maihack on piano, and Ron Jones on drums. 

This video comes from Brandon’s YouTube channel, “Dolphinhunter,” which features other performances by the three Au brothers and an amusing series of “Name That Song” videos.