A Selmer trumpet in the collection of the Smithsonian, dating from the mid-Thirties or later:

And a characteristic autograph, circa 1950, courtesy of Bill Gallagher’s father, Jim.  Bill recalls, ” The Gallagher clan was on vacation in SouthernCalifornia and we were staying a night in Los Angeles.   We had just returned to our motel from dinner and, after getting settled in, dad left to go to the Roosevelt Hotel to listen to a set or two of the Armstrong All Stars.   The next day he showed us autographs from Louis, Jack, and Arvell.”

I hope my title doesn’t strike my readers as impious, but if these aren’t holy relics, I don’t know what might be.

5 responses to “HOLY RELICS (of LOUIS)

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  2. I happen to own Pops’ autograph too – in the Danish translation of “My Life in New Orleans” from 1955. Is it of any value to collectors?

  3. Holy Cats, Michael!-

    I always thought there was something sacred in Louie’s playing…

    “I hope Gabriel Likes My Music” sang this awe inspiring man.

    Joe “MaRainey” mentioned to me (in a group of others) he touched Him once when playing and His entire body was resonating. That tells us something. mb

  4. These are sacred relics! As a jazz enthusiast, I am quite impressed by the finds.

    I have always loved the trumpet – Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Chris Botti. Emotions can be conveyed in more ways through the trumpet than through any other instrument. (Although, my grandfather’s cousin, Louis Belson, played the drums in Duke Ellington’s band, so I am slightly partial to the drums as well.)

    Admittedly, however, I take great interest in other musical mediums, such as classic and 1980s rock (a far stretch, I know).

    With this great love of music, I recently created a site with Blogger.com – http://playit08.blogspot.com. The site is personal in nature and covers a variety of genres and musicians. Daily posts will definitely cover jazz and its many styles. My site is fairly new and so I need all the support I can get. I would be honored to have the support of fellow jazz enthusiasts. Enjoy!

  5. I think, *all* trumpeters wished to have rather Pops’s sound than posessing one of his horns 😉

    As I tell my students: It’s seldom the material, but always the one who uses, err, or abuses it.

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