TENORS OF THE TIMES (Part One): June 27, 2010

The EarRegulars were an all-reed edition (no brass need apply for that one Sunday) last week, June 27, 2010: Greg Cohen, bass; James Chirillo, guitar; Harry Allen and Scott Robinson, tenor saxophones.  There were no JATP antics that night; rather, the four musical lines reminded me greatly of beautiful vines, creating a tapestry of lovely sounds and responses. 

Here are three selections from the first set.

One is a haunting TOO LATE NOW, which could never be with these players:

Then, a song much beloved of Kenny Davern and Benny Goodman, Isham Jones’ ON THE ALAMO:

Finally, STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY (in two parts):

And its conclusion:

There’s more to post from this particular evening, including uplifting visits from violinist Valerie Levy and tenorist Eric Schwam.  Then, two glorious nights with Michael Kanan, Joel Press, Neal Miner, Pat O’Leary, Joe Hunt, and Ted Brown – – but such pleasures will have to wait — I’m off to the 2010 International Whitley Bay Jazz Festival, where I don’t expect to do much more than listen to music, chat, grab a hurried meal or two, and sleep.  Oh . . . and videotape, of course! 

To be continued . . .

5 responses to “TENORS OF THE TIMES (Part One): June 27, 2010

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  2. Nancie Beaven

    Thanks, as always for taking us who can;t attend to the Ear INN…..and in Whitley Bay, if you catch the Hot Antics, give my best wshes and forward hugs from me to Michele Bastide and thank him for me, of every “Breeze” live or on CD or OKOM

  3. The EarRegulars epitomize the inventive spontaniety and improvising that are the essence of jazz.
    The music they create brings us the joy and excitement that you only get from “live” sessions.
    Your videos permit fans WORLDWIDE to once more know what a treat it was to drop in at jazz clubs through the years starting in the twenties.
    Your running commentary is insightful, entertaining and tremendously informative.
    We owe much to you for your devotion and dedication to the cause of “live” music.
    Thank you for your efforts.
    God Bless You.
    The constant chatter and the sometimes grainy
    videos do not, in any way, interfere with the
    enjoyment and fulfillment you bring your fans.

  4. Great music but…per usual it seems like no one is listening.

    I’m trying hard not to be bitter. You dig?

    Carry on-A

  5. You’re right on a number of levels. Bitter is bad except when it’s Campari. But one of the things the video doesn’t show is that there were pockets of people intently listening. And since the Ear isn’t a concert hall, I have tried hard to accept the fact that people who are coming to sit and chat have a right to be there also. And — ultimately! — what matters is that you and I and many more people ARE listening to Scott and Harry and James and Greg, right? Cheers, Michael

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