I’ve started another blog, PHOTO REALISM LIVES.  Its alternate title might be IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND, though.  While the Beloved and I have been touring the UK (most happily) occasionally I find myself with camera in hand, its battery fully charged, with no Hot music in sight . . . but something odd in the viewfinder.  The site is an erratic compendium of my still photographs of various subjects — the extraordinarily beautiful gardens at Chatsworth (romantic) or people making faces while they are unaware of a cameraman in the area.  Then there’s Bertie from Exeter, neatly attired in white!

I apologize in advance.  But it occurs to me that these two men should really have known all the lyrics to THE BOY IN THE BOAT . . . .

2 responses to “PHOTO REALISM LIVES

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  2. Stompy Jones

    I’m enjoying!

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