A small mystery.  I understand the larger fascination with Billie Holiday: as jazz singer, as iconic figure, as beautiful and doomed.  But one of the most frequent searches is for “Louis McKay,” or “billie holiday husband.”  Does the cyber-world need a Louis McKay blog?  Please advise.  And here, due to popular demand, is the man himself — from what I can gather from the recent Holiday biographies, not precisely a model husband.  But that might increase his fame.

Let us hope that Billie was genuinely happy and remained so when the flashbulb’s illumination had faded . . .

3 responses to “THAT’S “MISTER McKAY” TO YOU

  1. John Choquette

    My mom had all those recordings with Teddy Wilson’s small groups. I grew up hearing Billie – Loved her sense of phrasing and timing. I have the CD’s .

  2. John Choquette

    Such a great pic of her. I loved her talent – and it’s a tragedy that her life was a disaster. I read somewhere – can’t remember where, that her real “love” was Basie’s guitar man, Green ( forgot 1st name.)

  3. This might be the place to tell your readers of my Complete Billie Holliday Discography once again.

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