What a lovely discovery, courtesy of “andreaskagedal” on YouTube.  I don’t know the gentleman at all, but he has wonderful taste. 

He’s responsible for capturing this gently operatic reading of HOME by Bent Persson and the Hot Antic Jazz Band at the 2010 Askersunds Jazz Festival.  Sharp-eyed viewers will pick out Martin Seck on piano, Jean-Francois Bonnel on tenor sax,  and Michel Bastide on ensemble trumpet and the half-spoken vocal, quite charming.   

As my readers know, I find Bent’s evocations of Louis touching beyond words — here I am especially enchanted by his muted obbligato to Michel’s vocal. 

When shadows fall!

4 responses to “HOME SWEET “HOME”

  1. Andreas Kågedal

    Ah, You found me! I am really happy you linked to my youtube clip. I actually filmed quite a bit on this concert, and a concert a few hours later with Thomas Winteler and Bent Persson Hot Five which I was meaning to upload. But things got in the way. I will do it soon, though.

    I’m reading your blog regularly since the last few months and I am really enjoying it. Most everything you write is interesting and just in line with my own musical taste. Thanks. (I am the guy who made a comment a few weeks back about your problems uploading HD videos over you mobile broadband connection in the UK.)

  2. I was delighted by your technical generosity a few weeks back and am even more delithgted to find that you are doubly gifted and generous. Cheers and more, Michael

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  4. Michel Bastide

    Behind BENT PERSSON (tp) the line-up of the HOT ANTIC is:
    Michel Bastide (c,voc) Bernard Antherieu (as) Philippe Raspail (ts) Martin Seck (p) Jean-Pierre Dubois (bjo) Christian Lefevre (tuba)

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