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The Second Set: ANDY SCHUMM and his BIXOLOGISTS at WHITLEY BAY (July 10, 2010)

Andy, cornet and piano; Paul Munnery, trombone; Norman Field, reeds and commentary; Paul Asaro, piano; Jacob Ullberger, banjo and guitar; Frans Sjostrom, bass saxophone; Josh Duffee, drums; Nick Ward, drums on BORNEO and CLARINET MARMALADE.

SWEET SUE is a delightful melody at any tempo; I love Andy’s devil-may-care introduction: “A flat.  See what happens.”  What happens is great good fun:

WAITING AT THE END OF THE ROAD might have the solo by Andy Secrest, but it remains a lovely Irving Berlin song (recorded also by Bing Crosby and Fats Waller — alas, separately):

THOU SWELL is a splendid Rodgers and Hart declaration of love:

CHINA BOY was much beloved by Hot players from Condon and Tesch to Muggsy and Bechet, and remains a Hot perennial:

I’LL BE A FRIEND “WITH PLEASURE” is remembered by all who love Bix for its sweetly mournful solo, here evoked by the whole band:

BORNEO is one of those now politically-incorrect songs about the swinging savages.  But without the lyrics, it still rocks mightily (with percussive help from Nick Ward):

I’LL FOLLOW YOU must be the only song ever recorded both by Bing Crosby and Willie “the Lion” Smith — further proof of the Crosby influence reaching into all corners of jazz and pop music.  Here it’s a pretty ruminative feature for striding Paul Asaro:

CLARINET MARMALADE always reminds me of the many-themed silent film accompaniments, memorably so.  Catch Nick’s vibrant solo here:

Be back in ten minutes!