I’d love to have heard the conversation between Eddie South and Big Sid Catlett as they so politely posed for photographer Carl Mihn in September 1944 when they were both leading bands at the Streets of Paris nightclub in Los Angeles, California.  Eddie and Sid would have known each other from Chicago, but something tells me they didn’t always meet over coffee.

Cream and sugar, anyone?  Some rugelach?

This photograph was originally published in BAND LEADERS (March 1945, p. 21) in a photo spread called “Hollywood Is Hep.”  It appears here through the kind permission of the AB Fable Archives.

3 responses to “JAVA JIVE

  1. Beautiful, Michael- Always a joy to see a new image of BSC — here at 35 years old. I get a kick out of how high he wears his trousers and how short his necktie is. I think Ricky R. mentioned something about soon posting some rare BS items unknown to most of the world. Won’t that be fun!
    Can hardly wait to hear more surprises from the drum-kit of this genius. As ever– mb

  2. Beautiful picture! Love it!

  3. I’ve not seen that many photos of Eddie South, this was new to me, thanks!

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