Mike Durham’s Classic Jazz Party is on — that’s November 4-5-6, 2011, and I’m going. 

It’s a little early to pack my bag, but I have made my reservation (Kelly at the Village Hotel Newcastle took my information but won’t charge my card until I commit, two weeks in advance.) and I can’t wait! 

You come, too!

4 responses to ““GOOD NEWS, PARTY-GOERS!”

  1. I’m torn! It’s wonderful the event is taking place, but crushing for me personally that I won’t be there to hear and see it! Please document the event with your usual audiovisual excellence, Michael.

  2. Believe me, I understand! And it makes me sad that you won’t be there, playing . . . but in the words of Vera Lynn, we sure as hell will meet again, Michael!

  3. Andreas Kågedal

    Sounds great! I hope I will be able to go. What does “full complement of 300 classic jazz enthusiasts” mean? Are there only 300 seats, and then it is full?

  4. I could be wrong (sounds like a song title, of course) but I think there would be room for #301, 302, etc. So please do make plans to come: I would love to meet the bass player who’s also my tech guru, Sir!

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