FOR EDDIE at 105

That’s Eddie Condon, born 105 years ago today. 

This filmed performance of ROYAL GARDEN BLUES — from the 1964 ABC-TV show, SALUTE TO EDDIE CONDON — doesn’t harm anyone, even though Eddie was present only in spirit.  The celebrants are Wild Bill Davison, cornet; Ed Hall, clarinet; Cutty Cutshall, trombone; George Wettling, drums; Willie “the Lion” Smith, piano, cigar, and derby; Al Hall, bass:

And another fast blues — this one from 1938 with Bobby Hackett, cornet; George Brunis, trombone; Pee Wee Russell, clarinet; Bud Freeman, tenor; Jess Stacy, piano; Eddie, guitar; Artie Shapiro, bass; Wettling, drums:

To be remembered with affection is a great thing, and it’s how we feel about Eddie and the musical worlds he created.

4 responses to “FOR EDDIE at 105

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  2. Here’s a YouTube Eddie Condon post that is still one of my favorites.
    Enjoy the Fidgety Feet!!!

  3. Hi Michael. Well said!!! Eddie’s” world” was a learning center in the ’40s, and the magic moments were many, and unforgettable. And Milt Gabler’s contribution to its permanence on recordings were the “text books” that showed the way. And that music still lives! Thank you!

  4. What a character! What a bandleader!

    Dill Jones once remarked that no one could set a tempo for a song like Eddie. Amen! Loved the 2 videos contributed with George and Cliff.

    May I suggest watching the 1929 Vitaphone Short of Red Nichols and His Five Pennies and see/hear Eddie (and Pee Wee) in some of their finest moments? Watching Eddie come off the bandstand, sing “Nobody’s Sweetheart” (at the perfect tempo) then saunter up the steps again is testimony to his being JAZZ completely to the bone… he simply steals the show.

    In 1966, at his uptown club on 55th, where many trumpeters were frequently changing guard, I once asked him (so sincerely) if Bill Davison would ever be coming back? Deadpan, he said- “Do you think King Farouk will ever get back with all his wives?”

    Thanks for memories, Michael!


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