The road isn’t


if you know your

(From The Chicago Defender, March 16, 1935.)


“Don’t like that sickly sounding fiddle [Grappelli with Hot Club]; for jazz I prefer Stuff Smith’s strange noises.”  Dave Tough in Leonard Feather’s “Blindfold Test,” Metronome December 1946.

Quotations courtesy of the ABFable Archives: reprinted here with thanks.

4 responses to “SOLVE THIS PUZZLE!

  1. Bill Lowden ( Jazzbobill)

    Eddie South says the road isn’t Tough if you know your Stuff.

  2. Yes, sir! Find that man an alternate take of ZULUS BALL!

  3. Hey, my friend wants to know how “lives” is a noun. Sorry, he’s in AP Comp.

  4. Lives, plural of life. In the sentence, “This cat has nine lives,” what other part of speech would “lives” be? One wonders.

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