I don’t know enough about reincarnation to speak with even the semblance of authority: but I’ve heard that in the lives after this one can work through spiritual stages to arrive at higher levels of enlightenment. 

Were I to be reincarnated, I think I’d want to come back as one of the dancers — whose names we don’t know — in this 1931 or 1932 film clip.  Style embodied: a casual grace.  And the fact that they are not slickly perfect in their routines is entirely charming — making them real rather than ideal.  Watch their we-two-are-one dance to MANDY.

Or if being reincarnated as a dancer would be too much of a leap for me, maybe I could come back as the unidentified drummer?  Or even the cameraman. 

This clip was posted on YouTube by “lindyhoppers,” a man of great taste and humanity — an Italian pal I’ve never met in person.  And, by the way, the band is playing WHISTLE AND BLOW YOUR BLUES AWAY (always a solid piece of advice) and MANDY (MAKE UP YOUR MIND):

First I’d need tap shoes . . . .

2 responses to “IN THE NEXT LIFE . . .

  1. Your reference to “lindyhoppers” reminded me of this clip:

  2. Thanks, Michael. Really enjoyed the clip. Their routine to Mandy is beautiful and a bit haunting. Amazing to think of the effort it took to build those routines, and not long after vaudeville was dead, replaced by popular movies. Wonder what happened to guys like that. They may not have known it but at least–80 years later–their skill and entertaining ways can still be appreciated.

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