Michael McQuaid — reedman, trumpeter, gifted bandleader — is articulate, sharply witty, a fine player who knows his music and is a delightful writer, able to put the music into words.

Among his other endeavors, he is the sole proprietor of a fairly new blog, RHYTHM OF THE DAY, which appears at intervals (when the spirit moves him).  Its premise is simple, the results effective and charming. 

Michael finds a YouTube clip of a recording that moves him.  He then writes about the recording in a way that moves us.  It’s not simply, “Isn’t that a beautiful chorus?” but much more.  Each record, for Michael, is a way into the larger, mysterious universe of creativity, beauty, and the puzzles of “Why do musicians play the way they play?”  “How do we hear what we hear?”  “What is the relationship between recorded sound and feeling, memory, and the music itself?”

The only caveat is that Michael has at least four careers, or so it seems, and he was initially reluctant to allow me to write about his blog for fear he would then have to turn it into another obligation.  

As I’ve suggested, he is a fine thinker and writer — so much so that I have said to myself after reading two recent postings (“Jazz doesn’t know who’s playing it,” and “Bobby Hackett and ‘technique'”) that I would have been delighted to have written that.  See for yourself at RHYTHM OF THE DAY: http://rhythmoftheday.blogspot.com/


  1. Thanks for giving me a new blog to follow, even though he does not post continually.

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