Jimmy Rowles plays and sings SUNDAY, MONDAY OR ALWAYS (Johnny Burke – Jimmy Van Heusen, written for Bing Crosby) with the help of bassist Rusty Gilder in 1974.

Send this clip to your Beloved . . . even if (s)he is just across the room . . . .

Thanks to Michael Kanan (a wonderful Rowlesian who knows not only what it is to listen to JR but to aspire to his greatness at the keyboard) for making me think of Rowles this morning.

5 responses to “LOVE IN MUSIC by JIMMY ROWLES

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  2. Like his later tune “The Peacocks” Jimmy wrote some very beautiful songs. Perhaps his daughter Stacy could be persuaded to look through his work place and see if there are any more like these two gems.

  3. I am very very sorry to tell you that Stacy — a wonderful trumpeter and singer — is now dead. If you look her up on YouTube you will see the most poignant video-evocations of her with lovely music from her and Jimmy. I wish I had different news! Michael

  4. I never quite get used to the way Jimmy sounds, and especially not when he and Stacy are playing together. It blows me away every time. It’s no wonder where Stacy got her vocal talent. My personal favorite: “Looking Back.”

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