The spiritually generous Enrico Borsetti sent me a gift of this image. 

He said he thinks of it as my Seal.  I’m thrilled.  What it stands for is sacred:

Three years ago, on February 21, I posted my first blog-entry: an announcement of the 2008 Jazz at Chautauqua.  JAZZ LIVES gives me immense pleasure among dear friends and a new community.   I’m having the time of my life, thanks to the music, the Beloved (whose idea it was I start a blog), and to my readers.   

February 25, 2011, marks another anniversary: it is one month since I began my experiment in asking my readers to give something back to the musicians.  As I write this, the JAZZ LIVES fund for the musicians has collected $758.00 from eighteen people (including myself and the Beloved). 

I promised at the start that I wouldn’t editorialize or have an animated thermometer to show how much money was coming in, or not.  And  I know that times are tough and that some jazz fans don’t have disposable money.  But a young musician, a young woman musician in the Midwest, sent me five dollars — her gum money for the week — to support the jazz creators she admires and has met on this blog.  That makes me feel good, and I trust that it does the same for my readers.  

These donations are, I am sure, only the first of many!

Finally, on the night of February 28, 2010, I was coming home from a wonderful night at The Ear Inn.  I will say only that my heart stood still (to quote Lorenz Hart) and I woke up face-down on the sidewalk: less than a week later I was the proud possessor of an incision, a pacemaker and defibrillator.  Now I keep excellent time, should you ask.  A year of being newly alive is something to celebrate, I hope you will agree.

JAZZ LIVES, too.  Thanks to all of you!



  1. Bless the surgeons who enabled you to be newly alive; celebrating is definitely in order! I’ve heard the phrase,”this band will swing you into bad health,” but we certainly didn’t intend for THAT to happen!
    And thanks for being a great “bucket ho,” as we say at ye olde Ear Inne, heheh!

  2. Thanks to you, good friend. We’re lucky you’re there, doing good work. This shuzzit’s for you!

  3. Michael Steinman – you’re truly an international treasure! A multitude of the most sincere gratitudes available this side of the pond go out to you for constantly and eloquently reminding us of what really matters in life. Do take care and keep the rhythm going, sir!

  4. Dear Peter,

    Your words warm my heart. Know that I’ve been writing for you and your lady for a long time now, as well as for the people I haven’t been lucky enough to meet in person. A writer’s only as good as his audience . . . at least in blogdom. Love and thanks, Michael

  5. Be well, Michael – those of us who can’t make it to New York thank you very much for sharing some of the great NY bands and venues with us! Keep up the great work.

  6. I’m well behind on Jazz Lives, but reading this made me glad that I decided to try to catch up from where I left off. I suppose it is never too late to say congratulations on three worthy celebrations, and thank you for who you are, and for what you do!

  7. Dear Eric, I promise the train will always slow down for you — so that you can comfortably jump on! Happy to have you as a reader (and more)! And thanks for the sentiments — Michael

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