“The memory of things gone is important to a jazz musician,” Louis Armstrong said. “Things like old folks singing in the moonlight in the backyard on a hot night, or something said long ago.”

You don’t have to be Louis to draw pleasure from remembering . . . . perhaps by recalling these things, they are no longer gone from us.

But he provides the soundtrack to our thoughts — from 1956, with George Barnes, Ed Hall, Trummy Young, Lucky Thompson, Billy Kyle . . .



One response to ““THE MEMORY OF THINGS”

  1. These posts are all so wonderful, and your comment about recalling memories etc. really touched me. Your mention of George Barnes really perked my interest too. John Steiner, who has a large article about my father on Mike Meddings’ website, tells about my dad working with George when he was a young man of 14. My mother also told me about it. Another unforgettable thing about the early musicians. Your posts are priceless to so many of us that love the music, and the musicians…Thank you NM

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