Here (as promised) is the debut performance of sixteen-year old Eli Goodhoe, on banjo, with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks — playing Ellington’s THE MOOCHE on February 15, 2011 at Club Cache in the Hotel Edison (211 West 46th Street).

Vince is enthusiastic, and with good reason, about the jazz orchestra that trumpeter Kevin Blancq shepherds at LaGuardia High School — an orchestra that is full of budding talent like Eli’s.  In future, I hope to bring you more from Kevin, his young musicians, and the LaGuardia jazz orchestra.

Right now, listen to THE MOOCHE — a piece reaching back to 1927 — and consider that it is also the seedbed for a new generation of inventive hot jazz players who will, with luck, carry on the grand tradition for decades to come.

The other members of the Nighthawks are Mike Ponella, Jon-Erik Kellso, Harvey Tibbs, Dan Levinson, Peter Anderson, Mark Lopeman, Alan Grubner, Peter Yarin, Ken Salvo (stepping aside for Eli on this number), Vince, and Arnie Kinsella.  

Where the past and the present meet and make room for the future!



  1. Hi Michael,

    For some days now I’ve been unable to open any of your Youtube links: I keep getting an “Invalid Address” message. Is there something wrong?


    Ken Mathieson

  2. Hi Michael,

    Re my earlier post, te problem seems to be launching the link from your e-mail alerts. If I go directly your Jazz Lives WordPress page it opens no bother. Would you check your hyperlinks on the e-mails please?


    Ken Mathieson

  3. For whatever reason, the links don’t seem to be coming through on the emails . . . I will ask the wonderful support people at WordPress . . . but till times get better, I can only suggest going directly to JAZZ LIVES or subscribing by RSS. I wish I knew, to quote Harry Warren.

  4. I expected a banjo solo.

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