For all of you to see and admire — more remarkable music from James P. Johnson, the father of the stride piano and so much more.  Courtesy of our national museum-attic-consignment shop-marketplace, eBay:

and the second half (obviously a woman of substance, this 1917 MAMA):

And a 1944 composition new to me

And another rarity (I knew MY SWEET HUNK OF TRASH and YOU CAN’T LOSE A BROKEN HEART, but not this):

(If someone has a copy of I DON’T WANT ANY LABOR IN MY JOB, please take pity on me: my curiosity is a terrible burden.)

Here’s some sound to go with the Deco covers — James P.’s virtuosic solo recording of CAPRICE RAG (1943, Blue Note), at a tempo both thrilling and exhausting:

Who knows what other treasures the eBay museum has in store?


2 responses to “MORE FROM JAMES P. JOHNSON

  1. This must be where the saying started, “When Mama has the blues, we ALL have the blues.”

  2. The man was truly a genius!! I have one CD by him, compliments of Hal, and I’m sure it will be worn out before I leave this world,,,Thank you so much for posting it here,,

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