Here’s a link to a website that offers a series of 1989 interviews that master drummer Mel Lewis (1929-1990) did with Loren Schoenberg on WKCR-FM — exploring the history of jazz drumming from Baby Dodds to Elvin Jones:

A master musician commenting on his ancestors (including Stan King, Paul Barbarin, and Tiny Kahn) and colleagues — invaluable!

5 responses to “MEL LEWIS on JAZZ DRUMMING

  1. Ricard Salvucci

    This is one of the most intelligent things I have ever heard on jazz drumming.

  2. Thanks for the links. I enjoyed listening to Pollack too!

  3. Is there a trick to hear the Mel Lewis audio clips on PAS? Can’t get any links to play.

  4. Don’t know why there should be a problem: I propose the oldest method of computer repair (no, not the hammer): shut it down completely and start it up again in an unhurried manner. Tonight, mine remained silent (not on the Mel clips) and my magic remedy worked. Good luck!

  5. I figured out the problem. They are Flash audio which the iPad can’t render.

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