Mark it down!

The BRAIN CLOUD — Dennis Lichtman’s twenty-first century hot Western Swing band — is having a party to celebrate the release of their debut CD on Friday, March 25, 2011.  It will be held at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn, beginning at 10 PM.  Dennis says that the show will feature the full six-piece band plus special guests — and that the new disc will be on sale there for only ten dollars.  A winning combination!

This band rocks.  Even if your tastes run more to MILENBURG JOYS than to Bob Wills, it’s all the same.  I hope to be there . . . but you’d better make plans for yourselves!

For the Brooklyn-phobic among us, those of us lost in the darkness or wondering if Thomas Wolfe was right, the Jalopy Theatre is not at the end of the earth.  Here’s their website:

I believe you could take the F or the G subway down to Carroll Street and walk south to 315 Columbia Street . . . asking the hipsters as you go by whether you are on the right path.  (Any path that leads to the BRAIN CLOUD is the right one.)

Here’s a video of an earlier incarnation of the CLOUD performing Mel Powell’s MISSION TO MOSCOW at the Jalopy Theatre, June 2010:

4 responses to “DENNIS LICHTMAN’S BRAIN CLOUD IS HAVING A PARTY! (Friday, March 25, 2011)

  1. Doug Pomeroy

    Actually, you’d need to walk more West than South. It is tricky getting to Jalopy because you have to cross the BQE which is in a huge trench, and there aren’t a lot of pedestrian bridges across it. The secret is to ASK US NATIVES!

  2. How much would you charge to be My Personal Guide on Friday night, Mr. Pomeroy?

  3. You have never posted anything that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy…I wonder if you even realize the joy that you give through JAZZ LIVES! NM…much love and gratitude,,AI

  4. gonna be FANTASTIC
    see you there!


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