Very simple, beautiful, swinging, and uplifting: a kind of SUNRISE SEMESTER in jazz.

The easy floating and unaffected sincerity (and understatement) of Miss Maxine Sullivan in Bern, 1986.

She’s singing one of my favorite songs;  even when the lyrics are a bit thin at points, the sunny affirmation is worth hearing.  It’s the Sammy Cahn – Saul Chaplin YOU’RE A LUCKY GUY, from a Cotton Club show that featured both Maxine and that Louis fellow.  (His Decca recording of the song has a wonderful J.C. Higginbotham break and Sid Catlett accent that I can hear in my head right now.)

And alongside Maxine — as we say, “Couldn’t they get anyone good?” — a perfect rhythm section: Jack Lesberg on bass, Dick Hyman on piano, and Uncle Jake, Jake Hanna, on the drums.

Thanks to Bob Erwig for sharing this.  Breathing?  Have music?  We’re lucky!

5 responses to “OUR GOOD FORTUNE!

  1. Lovely song. Lovely singer. Great drummer.
    Thanks Michael.

  2. Everyone on that stand knew about luck, and easy grace, and floating. That drummer — Hannah something? — seems to have been quite a fellow. I hear his niece is putting together a book of his stories. Can’t wait to read it and laugh myself silly. You work with healing, and I like to think JAZZ LIVES is doing its bit, and he was a master healer. Love, Michael

  3. Sublime. Elegent. Classy. No further comments required!!

  4. I have never heard Maxine Sullivan sing,,,oh my what purity in her voice,,,I love it. I have a CD of “Becky Kilgore sings Maxine Sullivan,” which I love,,,Now I don’t have to wonder about the great Maxine herself,,, Thanks for the delightful post NM…

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