Randy Cole’s touching new film — starring trumpeter Kevin Dean and a lovely 1944 Martin Committee trumpet:

Even if you bristle slightly at the name of Miles Davis (as I do) don’t let that put you off.  Listen to Kevin’s beautiful solo rendition of EASY LIVING, admire the beautiful curves of the Martin, and then (if you care to) admire the film as film: Randy is a subtly brilliant artist who doesn’t spoil the mood with three hundred changes of scene in three minutes, but the merging of sound and image is an understated delight.

And one of my heroes, that Jon-Erik Kellso fellow, has and plays a Martin Committee model when the mood strikes him!  So modernism is alive and well in Soho, too, in the Year 2011.


  1. More trumpeters than Miles played the Martin Committee. In the traditional world, Lu Watters and Bob Scobey had Committee trumpets. In the 1990s I had the opportunity to buy Sharkey Bonano’s Martin, a beautiful, gold-plated Deluxe model that had his name engraved on it. Finances prevented me purchasing it at the time – I now with I had made more of an effort to obtain the funds.

    Buck Clayton, Roy Eldridge and Fats Navarro played the Committee model, too.


    Chris Tyle

  2. What’s the email acronym for “That’s worth a hell of a lot — you said a mouthful, son!”? Please advise!

  3. While I do not love Miles Davis as much as many of my jazz friends, I do admire his spirit and flare. Thanks for the post.

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