From Mike Schwimmer, one of JAZZ LIVES’ readers:

You asked if any of your readers have a radio show. I do. It’s called The Yesterday Shop and it’s a 3-hour program airing the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month on WOMR-FM, Provincetown, Massachusetts. Better yet, it’s streamed on the Web and you can listen on your computer at I was on yesterday and will be back on April 10th.

I play trad, early jazz-oriented big bands (pre-WW II) and dixieland. Yesterday, I devoted the program to current or recent jazz groups playing OKOM (our kind of music). I am a percussionist, specializing in washboard. I have a long history as a Midwest musician out of Chicago and founded and led the Red Rose Ragtime Band for many years until moving away from that city.

I would very much like to feature more current bands, groups and musicians and would be grateful for any material you could send my way.

Mike Schwimmer, Brewster MA

One response to “LISTEN TO THIS!

  1. Hi Mike,
    I have an extensive 5 album release (122 tracks) Jazz Magic. This was reviewed by Michael Steinman, last year in “Cadence”mag.
    If I send you a set, with all the 18 page accompanying bumpf, is there any reference you could make as to where they can buy them. (my website is
    Best regards,
    Carl Spencer
    Spencer’s Washboard Kings (1965/’72) &
    Spencer’s Nighthawks Orch 1996 — (well we worked last Fri & Saturday!)

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