Here’s a lovely first-hand tribute to the man who taught us so much about jazz — Ed Beach of New York’s now-departed WRVR-FM.

This is a guest column on the JAZZ COLLECTOR website (http://www.jazzcollector.com) by Dan Forté, who got closer to Ed Beach than any of us — we who were primarily close to our speakers — ever did.

Photograph courtesy of Marc and Evelyn Bernheim/Rapho Guillumette

Even if you never heard Ed’s JUST JAZZ, or JAZZ IN DRIVE TIME, or BEACH READS THROUGH A KEYHOLE, you will find this piece moving and generous.  And those of us who dream of hearing those programs again — even though CDs and downloads have hinted that Ed’s collection has been supplanted by the twenty-first century cornucopia — will learn how this is possible.

Read Dan’s piece here:


And if you didn’t read about Ed on JAZZ LIVES, here’s my January 2010 remembrance:


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