Daily Archives: April 16, 2011


The First Thursday Jazz Band — a delightful small group paying homage to Pee Wee Russell, Bix Beiderbecke, Louis (Armstrong and Prima) among others — was caught live for five video performances at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant in Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington.

The quiet heroes up there are Ray Skjelbred, piano; Steve Wright, trumpet, reeds; Dave Brown, bass; Mike Daugherty, drums.  For further information, visit the “islandstarfish” YouTube channel, where you can hear and see this band perform HELLO, LOLA!, CHASIN SHADOWS, a groovy BLUES IN THIRDS, and a tender IF WE NEVER MEET AGAIN.

Here’s a sweetly meditative I’M ON THE CREST OF A WAVE — for Bix and Bing and the King of Jazz:


I hope to see more of this band!


Thanks to Rich Liebman of Dallas, who writes, correctly, “Louis lives on!”

Serve with Morton’s Hot Peppers and Hawkins’ Red Beans . . . .

P.S.  Cook it all here: the kitchen of Louis and Lucille’s Corona, Queens house — the Louis Armstrong House Museum:

Photograph courtesy of Louis Armstrong House Museum

If you haven’t been to the house . . . don’t wait!  And when you get there, ask at the desk for the free red beans and rice recipe . . .to complete the circle.  Visit http://www.louisarmstronghouse.org/ for details.  Happy cooking!