This first photo touches my heart — two handsome young men who sat next to each other in pit bands, radio orchestras, recording studios, and much more:

I love the suits, and I love Mannie Klein.  Who doesn’t?

Isn’t that Benjamin David Goodman on the far left, seated?

Looks like Phil Harris to me (even though the inscription is, as we say, obscure).


  1. Interesting to see the Klein brothers together. Dave worked for years Ted Lewis, sitting next to Mr. Spanier.

    That is Phil Harris.

    I see Ernest Hemingway, on the right next to Jack Teagarden, was a member of the Ben Pollack band. I believe that’s Jimmy McPartland in front of Teagarden. That’s a great photo, and as far as I know it’s never been published, although there’s another one that has fromt the same session – in the Pictorial History of Jazz, methinks.

  2. The guy with the mustache is Vic Moore, drummer with the Wolverines. This photo must have been taken in the same place and at the same time as the upper image in

    you posted in
    The earlier photo had eleven musicians, the current one only eleven.

  3. I meant the earlier photo had twelve musicains.
    An interesting discographical question. According to Rust the drummer in the Jan 16, 1929 recording session of the Louisville Rhythm Kings was Ray Bauduc. But Lord gives “Ray Bauduc (d) or Vic Moore (d).”

  4. Correction: both photos have twelve musicians. The musicians in the earlier phopto are identified in “Jazz and Blues” volume I as,
    Al Harris, Ed Bergman, Harry Goodman, Larry Binyon, Jimmy McPartland, Ben Pollack, Benny Goodman, Dick Morgan, Jack Teagarden, Vic Briedis, non-member Vic Moore, Gil Rodin. The photo, taken in the Apeda Studio, is from Oct 1928 in New York.

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