TAMAR KORN, HERSELF (April 21, 2011)

Three photographic studies of Miss Korn — while she was singing at Teddy’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The mildly greenish hue is because of the camera’s low-light setting, but I trust that it doesn’t interfere overmuch.  I told Tamar that I would send these shots anywhere she wanted as auditions for another film biography of Edith Piaf, and she said only that her mother would be pleased by them.

Life is a tragedy for those who feel . . .

Let me sing and I’m happy . . .

When you wore a tulip (and I wore a big red rose) . . . !

4 responses to “TAMAR KORN, HERSELF (April 21, 2011)

  1. …he has a crush….on you….sweetie pie…..

  2. Who will come forward?

    Not to be severe- but this has nothing to do with having a crush and everything to do with a vocalist who is remarkably gifted along with a man (Michael Steinman) who has the keen ability, if not wisdom, to see that. She is a woman who is taking a road less traveled. Yes, if you want to you could associate her with this or that vocalist of yesteryear- we draw inspiration from those who came before us. The point is she is here now and is simply herself… and what a self! There is nary a “singer” out there (to my knowledge) who even comes close. What a breath of freshness! I often return to Jazz Lives to hear her sing “You’re Driving Me Crazy” with The Cangelosi Cards. There hasn’t been a rendition of that particular song (hers) – since LA. It’s that different… it’s that great!

  3. …”…he has a crush….on you….sweetie pie…..”
    We ALL do!!!

  4. Woooww shes beautiful haha what an amazing singer

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