“Son, if you can’t make money, make friends.”  [Said to Mezz Mezzrow circa 1929.]

“Leave it all behind you!”  Louis Armstrong.

“Me, doc?  Send a sub?”  Vic Berton.

“One never knows, do one?”  Thomas Waller.

“Sunshine always opens out.”  Earl Hines.

“Ain’t it nice?”  Alex Hill.

I owe the idea for this post to the Beloved — as well as so much else.  She also suggested that I invite JAZZ LIVES readers to send in their favorite and most meaningful jazz wisdoms . . . to add to our collective enlightenment. 

6 responses to “JAZZ WISDOMS

  1. “Jazz is never playing the same thing once” – quoted by Dix Bruce

  2. Bill Gallagher

    Earl ‘Fatha’ Hines to his girlfriend in an Oakland furniture store, “Baby, I don’t have to like it, I just have to pay for it.”

  3. Sam Congeries

    “Jazz, schmazz — where can I find a good cheese danish?”
    Oran “Hot Lips” Nussbaum

  4. “Lawsa massa, I’s a weary Jew!”
    Bud Freeman

  5. Oh, and
    “Let’s cut this shit!”
    Bunny Berigan, at the Palomar Ballroom, 1935(?).

  6. That’s a good one — an utterance I have occasionally found coming to my weary lips. Perhaps (for those who would bridle at such sentiments in print?) it needs to be explained that Freeman was responding satirically to one Mezz Mezzrow, a young man of Hebraic background who wanted badly to be taken as an African-American, first in spirit, then in actuality. It must have been more effective (like a rimshot) in person than it now might appear to others in print. But thanks for the memory, dear Destiny!

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