Meet me in front of Town Hall.  I’ll be wearing clothing and I’ll have two tickets in my hand.  What else would I need?

5 responses to “ARE YOU FREE AT 5:30?

  1. your video camera, of course!

  2. I didn’t want to mention it — they’d ask me to leave — but you are right!

  3. Andreas Kågedal

    … and possibly Sidney Bechet.

    I wonder why they did not know if he would turn up or not. Was he sick, or an unreliable person, or were they still negotiating the contract?

  4. All interesting possibilities. Condon listed Bechet on other concert announcements, I seem to recall, so it is just possible that this one was printed far enough in advance so Sidney might have had a better-paying gig? I wonder if it was also one of Ernie Anderson’s advertising notions . . . But I think the true reasons might be lost in the mists of January 1946. You’ll be there, won’t you, Andreas? We’ll finally be able to meet! Cheers, Michael

  5. Nancie J. Beaven

    You bet I’ll meet you there!!!!!

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