For Irving Berlin, who would be 123 today . . . the overlooked master of humor, sentiment, and deep feelings expressed in simple but unforgettable words and melodies:

And some music to go with the cake, of course.

Here are Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks playing a Berlin waltz medley in December 2009:

And Tamar Korn and The EarRegulars essaying THE SONG IS ENDED:

The songs are never going to be ended as long as we remember Mr. Berlin.

5 responses to “HAPPY 123, MR. BERLIN!

  1. Stompy Jones

    The master.

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  3. Nancie J. Beaven

    Love the cake….and the musical selections for the 123 Natal celebration!

  4. This was so nice to listen to,,,I enjoyed tremendously..Thank you NM

  5. Let’s put on the Ritz for him!

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