Always in motion, Brother Hal Smith brings swing:

Bob Schultz in fourth gear:

Katie Cavera, characteristically dour and grim:

Kevin Dorn of The Big 72:

Anita Thomas, reimagined as Sixties UK pop diva:

Clint Baker and his faithful Tuba:

The winner and still champion!

Bria Skonberg shines her light:

Danny Coots embodies the sign:

Don’t even think of putting your glass there:

Katie, Anita, and Kim Cusack swing out:

Ed Polcer, living the jazz life:

A happy fan meets Brother Hal Smith:

Bisected by bass:

Someone call the police: that boy has picked up another instrument:

Vintage merchandising, Sacramento-style:

5 responses to “LIFE STUDIES from the SACRAMENTO JAZZ JUBILEE 2011

  1. Woo hoo Michael– some powerful shots of some of my faves… It is clear that you love the international gang—and why not?!! Was this the first time at Sacjazz ( I still call it the Jubilee) and what was your take on it… it is a mere whisper of the heyday when there was 140 bands/20 from Europe and other parts/ and from a swath of US bands… hopefully we can recover that glitter sometime soon.

  2. Dear Laurie,
    You are right about the people I admire — having the video camera on a steady tripod also allowed me to play at being a portrait photographer. I certainly enjoyed the Sacramento experience and have more than ten hours of video to prove it. Yes, my California friends speak wistfully of the glory days when Uncle Jake and Eddie Higgins were there, but mortality has to be faced. I heard lots of fine jazz and will be downloading a goodly sample of it — when my two balky computers decide to be well-behaved. I look forward to meeting you in September! Cheers, Michael

  3. You have to know that this will definitely be the post I will never forget. All of my favorite musicians, MY TWO FAVORITE NEPHEWS,,Bria Skonberg, who blew me away the first time I heard her. All of that talent wrapped up in such a pretty package,,,Anyway, this is an awesome post, and I thank you NM.

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  5. “Aw, shucks, ma’am,” the jazz cowboy said, shyly looking down at his dusty boots. Love, NM (Photo credit for the portrait of two happy nephews goes to Miss Katie.)

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