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More amazing items from eBay, all related to THE KING OF JAZZ, Whiteman’s epic Hollywood debut.  The pages below are from what the seller calls the “Lavish souvenir program for a showing of the film in London.” and the “Atmospheric flyer advertising the film at the Elphinstone Picture Palace (“The House of the World’s Best Talkies”) in Calcutta, India!”

The two covers.

 That face, that face, that fabulous face!

Come with me to the cinema!

We’ll have a wonderful outing!

And . . .

THE TALKIE HITS — that’s my stuff!

This, too!

Super Extravaganza for sure.

Ah, I sigh for the film that might have been — with Bix, Bing, Lang, and Venuti featured.  Star-crossed, I think. 


Thank you, oh eBay!


From the national attic / museum / antique store / informal auction room, eBay:

When bandleaders looked like movie stars!  I’d never seen a picture of Mr. Kahn before, and even if his secretary autographed it, this photograph is a rarity.

In a recent posting, I showed off one of my latest treasured purchases — a Pee Wee Russell 78 of JELLY ROLL and INDIANA on the short-lived Manhattan label.  Here’s the advertising brochure for three 78 sets to be sold at Nick’s — with autographs of the principal players!

Hurry, this is a limited edition.

Mr. Spanier, if you please.

Mr. Mole (born in “the country,” Freeport, Long Island).

Charles Ellsworth Russell, irreplaceable.

Jimmy Rushing didn’t look like he could move around easily (although a film clip with the Basie band shows him to be a very nimble dancer) but this document seems to say otherwise.  Entering Kansas City, Missouri, in 1930 — the beginning of great things for Jimmy and for us.

I never joined a fraternity, so all of this is somewhat mysterious . . . but I would guess that this is St. Louis, circa 1936-7?  I am sure that the college men and women danced to some fine music for $1.75 apiece.