More from the bottomless treasure-chest of eBay.  A British seller is offering a copy of Billie Holiday’s lyrics for a song called THIS IS IT.  Her handwriting is distinctive, but I know nothing about the possible melody (and I’ve never heard a recording of her performing this song).  It seems in parts a collage of conversational phrases from a wounded soul and includes YOU CAN’T BE MINE AND SOMEONE ELSE’S TOO, which she did record in 1937.

Did she write these lyrics with the most sought-after Louis McKay in mind?  Do any JAZZ LIVES readers know more about this particular opus?


  1. Oh my! What a find!! I wish I did know more about Billie…The first time I heard her sing was years ago. My mom had a record of her singing “Fooling Myself.” From what I’ve read about her, she had a hard life,,What a waste,,so much talent..I would gladly tell you if I knew someone that could help, but you know more about the music world than anyone I know… I am so blessed to have you as “my Nephew.”

  2. Looking in vain for it in my own
    I too am eager to know more.

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