I can hear it now.

From the left, that’s Danny Barker, guitar; Ed Hall, clarinet; Wild Bill Davison, cornet; a trombonist I don’t recognize.  And the unseen guiding spirit is one Dick Gibson.

Do you think it’s AS LONG AS I LIVE or perhaps THAT DA DA STRAIN?  It sounds good from where I am in 2011.

3 responses to “SEPT. 16, 1963: ASPEN, COLORADO

  1. Sonny McGown

    There is a typo in the date. The year should be 1963. Ed Hall died on 11 February 1967 so this photo couldn’t be from 1968. I checked Manfred Selchow’s wonderful Bio-Discography of Edmond Hall and he lists 14/15 September 1963 at the Dick Gibson party date. The other band members not pictured are Cutty Cutshall (tbn), Ralph Sutton (pno), Jack Lesberg (bs) and Cliff Leeman at the drums. The party was held at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen. Oh to have been there!!!

  2. Sonny McGown

    Forgot to mention that As Long As I Live was one of the tunes performed. Right on Michael!

  3. Great catch and thanks for saving me from sixteen bars of rebuke by a less gentle commenter. I fixed the date. Manfred’s book is the Living End, matched only by his Vic opus. And I thought of the two tunes Bill liked to play . . . although it might have been SUNDAY or BARBECUE. Cheers and thanks, Sonny!

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