Drummer Vince Bartels knows how to put together assertively swinging groups, and this one — at the 2011 Sacramento Jazz Jubilee — was no exception.  The session began with pianist Johnny Varro, bassist Jennifer Leitham, saxophonist Pete Christlieb, and trombonist John Allred — playing SOFTLY, AS IN A MORNING SUNRISE exuberantly rather than tentatively crepuscular:

LIMEHOUSE BLUES began as a slow drag then romped:

Before the fire marshals were called in, Pete offered the pretty CLOSE ENOUGH FOR LOVE:

and Vince (a proud grandfather) gave twelve-year old Mackenzie Rose Sullivan her chance in the spotlight for ALL OF ME:

The PLUS became apparent when vibraphonist John Cocuzzi joined the group for a rocking TOPSY:

Another delicate interlude — THE NEARNESS OF YOU — featured Cocuzzi, Varro, and Leitham:

And John stayed around for a frankly dangerous CHEROKEE:

Ferociously hot!

4 responses to “VINCE BARTELS’ SWING QUARTET PLUS at SACRAMENTO (May 29, 2011)

  1. Ross Firestone

    Michael, I’ve been unable to click on the videos you have posted. Is this a widespread problem, or is it just me? If the latter, is there anything I can do to get past this problem? Thanks for your help. Ross Firestone

  2. Dear Ross,

    Happy to have you as a reader! It happened to me also on JAZZ LIVES, but I got a message saying that my Adobe Flash Player had crashed. Sounds ominous, no? I would sign out of my blog and reload . . . as the Brits say, “I haven’t a clue.” If you can’t wait, these videos do still appear in all their glory on YouTube and can be found by a quick search. Cheers, Michael

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  4. Ross Firestone

    Dear Michael, thanks for your help. Whatever you did, these videos are now coming through loud and clear. I look forward to enjoying them along with the all other good stuff you’re sending out. Ross

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