I’d love to know the circumstances of this glamorous shot — Lee, highly made up and posed, elaborately dressed, as if she were Lupe Velez.  Notice her dark hair (dyed or a wig?) and the dark lipstick . . .

A mysterious discovery — annotated long after the fact, since zio codes came in perhaps thirty years after Miss Wiley posed so glamorously.  Can anyone explain?


6 responses to “LEE WILEY by CULVER PICTURES

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  2. Could it be that Miss Wiley had red hair?
    Black and white negatives came in different color sensibilities, some very sensitive to red, which came out very dark or even black.
    Hope this could solve some of your problem.
    Best wishes and thanks a lot for your wonderful videos.

  3. When I saw her at the Colonial Tavern in Toronto in the autumn of 1950, she was affecting a bobbed blond hair style. Expecting an exotic “Cherokee”, I was innocently disappointed. A great Georgie Auld amall band accompanied her.

    Ken Crooke

  4. Wow! Tell us more, Ken. I saw Lee, and Jack Rothstein saw Lee, but Wiley-sightings are rare . . . any details would be appreciated!

  5. Woww, please Ken tell us more about the day you met Lee…that’s totally awesome and I’m still looking for a video of her =(
    I think Lee’s natural hair color was dark, dark brown that is =) but she dyed it red in the 40s and kind of blonde in the 50s =) I had seen this picture before, and I love it….and I love that you compare her with Lupe Vélez, one of my all-time favorite actresses.

    Warm regards.
    Renata from Mexico

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