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I would if I could.  Wouldn’t you?

First lesson below.  Practice this for next week, and remember not to rush!

“PLAY IT TILL 2051!”

On the original Bluebird 78 of Earl Hines’ BOOGIE WOOGIE ON THE ST. LOUIS BLUES, one of the musicians shouts, “Play it till 1951!” which might, even in 1940, have seemed short-sighted.  1951 has come and gone, so might I suggest an updated shout, even though that due-date is a mere four decades away?  These thoughts are motivated by this piece of sheet music for sale on eBay:

I don’t expect to be around in 2051, but hope earnestly that the music Earl Hines made is still being accessed or downloaded from some computer storage cloud, somewhere.  Here’s what I have in mind:

“Don’t quit now, Jack!”


I was on the phone with my dear Aunt Ida today (you all know her by now) and our words turned to our friend and hero Ray Skjelbred.  I said, “Gee, I should post more of those videos of the Cubs that Rae Ann Berry (another friend and heroine) took at the jazz festival in June! ”

Here are four more that show why we love Ray for so many reasons!  And his Cubs: Katie Cavera on guitar; Clint Baker on bass; Jeff Hamilton on drums; Kim Cusack on reeds.

Something for Bix!  BIG BOY:

And for Fats!  SQUEEZE ME:

And for Joe Sullivan!  GOT IT AND GONE:

And what the gentle-spirited but hard-swinging Mr. Skjelbred is all about: CHICAGO RHYTHM:

Music by jazz masters — music to feel better by!  Thanks to Aunt Ida, Rae Ann, Ray, Kim, Katie, Clint, and Jeff, as ever.