“PLAY IT TILL 2051!”

On the original Bluebird 78 of Earl Hines’ BOOGIE WOOGIE ON THE ST. LOUIS BLUES, one of the musicians shouts, “Play it till 1951!” which might, even in 1940, have seemed short-sighted.  1951 has come and gone, so might I suggest an updated shout, even though that due-date is a mere four decades away?  These thoughts are motivated by this piece of sheet music for sale on eBay:

I don’t expect to be around in 2051, but hope earnestly that the music Earl Hines made is still being accessed or downloaded from some computer storage cloud, somewhere.  Here’s what I have in mind:

“Don’t quit now, Jack!”

2 responses to ““PLAY IT TILL 2051!”

  1. This is wonderful !! One time I was told that even though my Uncles, Walter and Lester, were scoundrels, they contributed so much to the world of Jazz. There wasn’t a Michael Steinman then !! I appreciate everything you post, and I learn something about the history of each musician posted. Thank you NM

  2. If my memory serves, he ends in unison with the bass with a descending straight eights lick. As long as a kid wants to learn to play jazz on any instrument, he or she will eventually hear this recording–and 2051 would be my 100th birthday.

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