Another of JAZZ LIVES’ roving correspondents, Katy McGillicuddy, made all of us a present of a stunning video performance by the Hot Club of San Francisco.  The HCSF is Paul Mehling, guitar; Evan Price, violin, Isabelle Fontaine, guitar; Jeff Magidson, guitar; Clint Baker, bass.  Or so you thought.  In this performance of I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, they play the most uplifting version of jazz musical chairs and instrument-swapping you might ever see.

Katy wrote, “I’m sending this along to JAZZ LIVES because I know people will enjoy it and it would be greedy to keep it all to myself, but since it’s an illicit video, taken under cover of darkness with my camera, I am asking you to not give away when and where I took it.  Say it was at a gig during the Hot Club’s recent tour of Romania?”

Notice that unlike some groups that purvey their own flashy version of “Gypsy jazz,” the HCSF knows that you have to let the music breathe (otherwise it dies), so they understand that Django and Stephane loved Louis and loved melodies, rather than attempting to make the air dark with notes.  Visit their website at

5 responses to “DON’T TELL A SOUL (HOW THEY SWING)

  1. If there is a better Gypsy Jazz group than this, I sure haven’t heard it.

  2. Robert Matthews

    I have recently signed in to receive your ” Postings ” and I must say I am
    pleasantly surprised with your knowledge and apparent sincerity and courtesy at least so far. I will be 83 this coming October 28 and my Jazz
    background is extensive, but rather than go into that right now I would like to
    [ FORWARD } to you some E Mails [ with your permission ] which I think you will find fascinating and will give you some immediate insight as to who I am
    and a little bit of what I have been doing thru the years . I have played
    [ Piano-Drums-Vibes-Marimba ] but no longer have my Vibes and Marimba
    [ I had to sell them to survive and also my Cymbals and Pedals and Stands ]
    but I still have my original Slingerland Radio Kings Drums and I still play Piano. I hope to return to my Drums in the next few months and later back to
    mallett instruments. I will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have . Sincerely, Robert Matthews

  3. Sure! Always interested: my email is Cheers, Michael

  4. Katy is so right!! I really enjoyed this, and I think they are a fantastic group…very versatile. I also loved the vocal. I didn’t dislike anything they did,,,so it is a 5***** in my books!! Thanks NM

  5. I also really love the vocal chorus at the end of the performance, it really makes it just another musical “voice” among others, and functions as nice commentary. Oh, and they swing like mutherf#ckers too…

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